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January 20, 2021

Database Laboratories

During the last years, I’ve been working on several open labs for Database trainings and webinars for OnGres and CanalDBA community. Some of these laboratories may look out-of-date, but they should commit their purpose for references and examples on how to setup them with few lines of code and with the most popular technologies.

If you are willing to start with Ansible, Terraform, Docker and others for Databases, you may found this resources interesting for you.

Benchmark-styled projects

Even tho I would rather use a different approach for benchmarks today (probably CDK or Pulumi), benchplatform have been developed to test Postgres and Mongo under sysbench data modeling. It uses Terraform and Packer for provisioning.

Very old but relevant in terms of results (encryption measurements and performance) is pgCryptoBench, which compares encryption efficiency through PgCrypto extension.

Generic POC and

Another environment created for a benchmark purpose is POC-Odyssey, which has been developed in Terraform. If you are interested in Postgres Pooling, this might be useful for understanding its setup and general practices.

If you are rather more interested in Modern HA concepts, HA_POC is a project that I developed for 2018 and it implements HA under different engines and databases. Some components are not finished or buggy, but it can also be useful for those starting with Docker with Databases.

As part of CanalDBA, we also started this dockerlab, which does very basic stuff although it is the most up-to-date.

Kubernetes and Databases

Even tho the most recommended way to start with Kube is through Operators (I recommend to checkout, pocoyoonk8s is a practical example on how to spin resources on it. It uses different techniques: with templates and straight task deploy.

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January 20, 2021
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