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Currently binlogtop is in status WIP and very alpha state, although there is a python script doing sort of the same thing is: binlogEventStats. Hey! Replication is delaying, don’t know what’s happening. binlogtop just do a real-time streaming statistics. What has inside? golang If you want to indicate issues, go for it at report issues.

MyRocks Views

MyRocks is an storage engine available also in MongoDB, focused on performance and space saving. It is a LSM tree, with Bloom filtering for unique keys, providing steady performance in limited amount of cache. Installing can be done through a 5.6 fork, repository here. Installing is easy as importing the sql file into your database. Repository can be found here. What has inside? SQL

HOWTO Percona Server with Docker for DBAs

Before starting the container This article is not an introductory explanation of docker,however it’s scope if for docker’s beginners. You can consider it as an extension of the well documented Percona docker hub doc. For the source code of the image, the repository is at github. Here is the all what you need to do for start: 1 docker run --name percona57 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=<a_password> -d percona:5.7 For checking the container status log, you can execute docker logs percona57.

MySQL 5.7 InnoDB's Full Text Search overview.

Main application: InnoDB’s Full Text Search overview (with Shiny/R) Credits Author: Emanuel Calvo Company: Pythian Thanks to Valerie Parham-Thompson @ Pythian and Daniel Prince @ Oracle. Repository available at Github. For the whole article and the Shinyapp application is available here. Some initial thoughts A couple of days ago one of our customers came up with a question regarding FTS over InnoDB engine. Although the question is not answered in the current article, I came up with the conclusion that FTS is sometimes misunderstood.

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April 26, 2016