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Open Labs

Database Laboratories During the last years, I’ve been working on several open labs for Database trainings and webinars for OnGres and CanalDBA community. Some of these laboratories may look out-of-date, but they should commit their purpose for references and examples on how to setup them with few lines of code and with the most popular technologies. If you are willing to start with Ansible, Terraform, Docker and others for Databases, you may found this resources interesting for you.

Ansible and Kubernetes

Install minikube or similar curl -Lo minikube &&\ chmod +x minikube && sudo cp minikube /usr/local/bin/ && rm minikube Getting the token Access Kubernetes API Ansible k8s K8S_AUTH_API_KEY in environment. Getting facts with k8s_fact


Currently binlogtop is in status WIP and very alpha state, although there is a python script doing sort of the same thing is: binlogEventStats. Hey! Replication is delaying, don’t know what’s happening. binlogtop just do a real-time streaming statistics. What has inside? golang If you want to indicate issues, go for it at report issues.

Alambre, ugly scripts to save time of your day

As a DBA we usually have to do dirty things under a running clock. Using that moto, I started a repository to start collecting those nasty things that save time a day. That’s what alambre does: small and complex things. What has inside? bash (preferred) python SQL If you want to indicate issues, go for it at report issues.