Highlighting Postgres 10 new features: Logical Replication and Partitioning.

And playing with retention policies.

- 7 mins read

Series: Postgres

Heya! I this article we are going to explore two of the major features commited in the upcoming PostgreSQL release: Logical Replication and Partitioning. Needeless to say that these features aren’t yet available in the stable release, so they are prune to change or extended. Advertising warning! The current article is just a sneak peak of the upcoming talk Demystifying Logical Replication on PostgreSQL at Percona Live Santa Clara 2017.

Go-Plus and Atom GOPATH fix

A fix for the unloaded GOPATH.

- 2 mins read

Series: Golang

The background Golang is an awesome language, but I found it pretty unstable within the environment variables (at least in macOS Sierra/El Capitan). gvm is your friend btw, and it helped me to fix some of the issues by installing the latest release candidate of the 1.7.1 series. Keep in mind that if you want to upgrade your macOS to Sierra, you’ll need to backup all of your environment variables and reinstall gvm.

PostgreSQL RDS pg-stat-ramdisk-size new feature and its calculations

If you are using RDS, you want to read this.

- 6 mins read

Series: Postgres

IMPORTANT NOTE: This has been already addressed in PostgreSQL core, but this option is still available in RDS. What does it change and why is so important? Tracking databases and not just tables counters in Postgres isn’t cheap, but since some time ago there were workarounds involving the setup of a ramdisk to place the directory pointed by stat_temp_directory GUC variable. That directory places a global.stat and a per-database stat files called like db_<oidOfDB>.

HOWTO Percona Server with Docker for DBAs

Starting Percona 5.7 docker container and other tricks.

- 3 mins read

Series: Docker

Before starting the container This article is not an introductory explanation of docker,however it’s scope if for docker’s beginners. You can consider it as an extension of the well documented Percona docker hub doc. For the source code of the image, the repository is at github. Here is the all what you need to do for start: docker run --name percona57 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=<a_password> -d percona:5.7 For checking the container status log, you can execute docker logs percona57.

MySQL 5.7 InnoDB's Full Text Search overview.

MySQL (+5.7) InnoDB's Full Text Search overview with a dynamic application.

- 13 mins read

Series: MySQL

Main application: InnoDB’s Full Text Search overview (with Shiny/R) Credits Author: Emanuel Calvo Company: Pythian Thanks to Valerie Parham-Thompson @ Pythian and Daniel Prince @ Oracle. Repository available at Github. For the whole article and the Shinyapp application is available here. Some initial thoughts A couple of days ago one of our customers came up with a question regarding FTS over InnoDB engine. Although the question is not answered in the current article, I came up with the conclusion that FTS is sometimes misunderstood.

Stream XtraBackup tricks for speeding up backup transfers

Multiple locations with Bash, xbstream, piping, compression with multi-cores and tee

- 2 mins read
Problem description Some systems have a bug that makes xbstream fail to create the destination directory, you need to force its creation. This is the reason, that in this post, I’ll be adding extra steps prior to open the xbstream process. xtrabackup_56: Error writing file 'UNOPENED' (Errcode: 32 - Broken pipe) xb_stream_write_data() failed. Update: it’s been long time since new versions haven’t been tested by me, so this bug might be fixed as of now.

Multi source data injection to Postgres RDS with encryption and FTS support

Multi source data injection to Postgres RDS with encryption and FTS support.

- 14 mins read

Series: Postgres

Sponsored: Pythian Inc. Note 1: All the of this presentation is published in this repository. You will find a lot of folders and information, probably part of a blog series. Note 2: All the work on this article is a POC (Proof of concept). Note 3: This is something that is related for HIPAA compliant. KMS/RDS The POC on this article was developed before the releasing of the Key Management service for RDS.